Snack Smart at the Movie Theater This Summer

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Summer blockbusters are just around the corner and all those treats at the cinema can be tempting. But movie theaters are making it easier to stay on track by offering more options and healthier alternatives.

candy Snack Smart at the Movie Theater This Summer

  • Cut out the fat- The average small movie popcorn with “buttery” topping has the same calorie count as a quarter-pound cheeseburger. However, popcorn can be a great, high fiber snack when you skip the butter pump. If you want to add flavor without the calories bring a seasoning shaker with you or make your own mix at home.
  • Don’t drink your calories away- An average small movie soda (23 oz.) has about 14 teaspoons of sugar and a little over 200 calories while an average large movie soda (47 oz.) has almost 30 teaspoons of sugar and about 450 calories. Skip the calories and sugar by choosing a diet soda or water.
  • Get your protein- Surprisingly, hotdogs are a high protein snack that’s one of the lighter savory items available. Skip the nachos which can come in at more than 900 calories.
  • Indulge your sweet tooth- If you just can’t resist a box of candy, know the best ones to choose to get the most out your treat. Many theaters now offer fruit snacks which are the best option because they’re made with real fruit juice. A couple twizzlers are also a good alternative, but don’t eat the whole bag which comes in at around 500 calories. Milk duds are lower in sugar—and take longer to eat—than most cinematic sweets. And finally, Junior Mints are coated in antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and the cool peppermint can help satisfy your craving quicker. Just make sure to share a box of whatever you get to keep your portions under control.

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