July 15, 2015

5 Tips to Stay Hydrated This Summer

woman drinking soda to stay hydrated


Hydration is important all year round, but especially during the summer months when the temperature is high and you’re sweating more than usual. If you’re out and about in the hot, humid weather you’re likely prepared with a bottle of water, but it’s just as important when you’re sitting in an air-conditioned office building too.

By the time you feel thirsty, you’re probably already dehydrated, so it’s key to drink fluids throughout the day. Before you reach for just any beverage, find out the best ways to stay hydrated without breaking your calorie bank for the day.  (more…)

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July 14, 2015

Quick Tip: Don’t be shy

Have it your way when dining out. Ask for sauces on the side, grilled instead of fried, etc. You’re the paying customer… you’re the boss!

Quick Tip: Don’t be shy!

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Florian Rathcke



July 10, 2015

Skinny Recipe: No-Bake Orange Cream Cheesecake

orange cream cheesecake
Photo Courtesy of Flickr user David Allan

Citrus fruits are at the peak of perfection during the summer months, and this recipe is full of chopped oranges. This No-Bake Orange Cream Cheesecake is pièce de résistance of any summer meal. Light and fluffy texture joined with sweet, citrusy taste of the oranges will make any guest of your’s smile with delight. 


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July 8, 2015

No Bake, No Oven Meal Ideas for the Summer

no cook meal ideas


Every year I look forward to the fun activities and flavors that summer weather brings. Whether it’s shopping at the local farmers market, attending an outdoor jazz festival, or catching a baseball game; the warmer temperatures provide a lot of opportunity to play outside with friends and family. But living in the Midwest, the temperature can get very hot and especially humid.

When it gets extremely humid, my local weatherman often refers to it as, “wearing the air.” So, every time the temperature is on the rise, I try to think of ways I can avoid using my oven in order to keep my house from feeling like a sauna. This not only saves on energy costs, but I’ve learned it can also save me time in the kitchen. (more…)

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