Dieting During the Holidays- Visualize Your Portions

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Make two fists and put them together. Surprisingly that’s about the size of your stomach! Many people don’t realize just how much they over eat until it’s too late. Some other serving size guidelines to keep in mind when choosing from the Thanksgiving buffet:

  • Turkey: 3 ounces or one deck of cards
  • Mashed potatoes or stuffing: ½ cup or a computer mouse
  • Gravy or cranberry sauce: ¼ cup or a golf ball
  • Steamed veggies or a salad: 1 cup or a baseball
  • Pie: 1/8 of a 9 inch pie

Dieting through Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be chore. Make good choices, eat in moderation and keep moving. And, don’t forget that Thanksgiving is about more than mashed potatoes. It’s about community, gratitude and all the other warm, fuzzy things that stay with us after the turkey leftovers have disappeared. Have a happy and healthy holiday!

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