August 26, 2015

What Does it Mean to Eat Nutrient Dense Foods?

Nutrient dense. Before I became a dietitian I always found this to be a confusing term. What are nutrient dense foods? Why are these important in a healthy diet?

Simply put, what determines the nutrient density of food is the amount of nutrients you get for the amount of calories. A nutrient dense food has lots of nutrients for the little calories. You want to look for foods that are rich in vitamins, mineral, complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats. Choosing nutrient dense foods can help you pack in the most nutrition while staying with your calorie limits.

Let’s get a bit more specific on what constitutes a nutrient dense food.

What Does It Mean to Eat Nutrient Dense Foods?


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August 25, 2015

Quick Tip: Limit your options

Be sure to pitch the junk food and have healthy snacks in the house at all times. If a random craving hits, the only choice you can make will be a good one.

Limit Your Options
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August 21, 2015

Skinny Recipe: Penne With Summer Vegetables

Penne Pasta
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Christian Cable

Penne for your thoughts?

I count pasta as one of my comfort foods, top it off with tasty summer vegetables and I’m in food heaven. This quick and easy recipe is perfect for those nights when you need a little comfort food with a touch of healthy. We call it “Pasta Delight” in my house.


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August 20, 2015

Quick Tip: It’s not all about the scale

Don’t forget to track your weekly waist measurement as well as your weight. Even if the scale doesn’t move your waistline may be melting.

not all about scale
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